Context Driven Development: Architecture your Code with Phoenix Contexts, by Jenny Shih


If you are new to Phoenix, you may be puzzled by its concept of "context." As well-meaning as it seems, confusion soon arises when it comes to intra-context dependencies and context-straddling schemas, which happen, well, more often than you'd want to admit. If we don't organize our contexts carefully, we may find ourselves in trouble as our application grows.

Although there are a million ways where contexts can go wrong in a Phoenix application, we can also find open-sourced projects that demonstrate good use of context. This talk is an attempt to find out how to best leverage the power of Phoenix context by looking at those projects and learn from the mental models behind their context design. Shall we?


How to designing an application is a big, open-ended question. The idea of "context" in the Phoenix framework has given us some guidance. With its help, though, there are still many ways where contexts can bring you trouble more than joy. In this talk, we will learn how to best leverage the power of Phoenix contexts by examining several open-source projects, and distill the mental models with which their contexts are designed.

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ElixirConf 2021 - Accepted [Edit]

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