Advanced Android Espresso, by Chiu-Ki Chan

Do you test? It’s okay if you don’t - historically the tools had not been stellar. But they have gotten much better, and I am going to show you my favorite, instrumentation testing with Espresso.

In this talk you will learn:

  • The basic structure of an Espresso test (Matcher, ViewAction, ViewAssertion)
  • Combining matchers such as withParent, isAssignableFrom to pinpoint your view
  • onData and RecyclerViewActions to test ListView and RecyclerView
  • Custom ViewAction and ViewAssertion
  • Using Dagger and Mockito to write repeatable tests

By the end of the talk you will be itching to write some tests yourself!

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Droidcon NYC 2015 - Accepted [Edit]

DroidKaigi 2016 - Accepted [Edit]

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