Improving performance, the poor folks trick, by Espartaco Palma


We tend to create the false illusion about how good and performant our process implemented on Ruby is. One trick can make the difference: use and test that process daily, every minute is possible on a limited resource computer, the older and slower, the better.


Every time my manager ask me if I need a new computer I answer the same: this is fine, is 5 years old but works as expected, I want to be the first to notice if the processing is getting slower.

I consider that getting benchmarks are a must, but I've seen that usually is a one time process. I propose this idea on constant be benchmarks on our own daily flow as a way to improve ourselves as developers and professionals.

Once we 'suffer' on our own flesh the degrading performance, the how and why we can make it better for traction.


A limited resources computing could change our perception on what is fast, how can improve and why is not working as expected. Been working with data processing on multiple technologies, plataforms the last 15 years using closed and open source languages and libraries.

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A Senior Software Engineer now applying Ruby as a daily basis, having a full conversation with datasets, collections and queries all day long. Reviewing code and learning how to debloat the unbloatable. I have been programming on many languages, like ancient xBase (Visual FoxPro), C# and Python; on every change I’ve learn not only the technology behind the language also the culture, I’ve learn how to implement what I have been using on C# and Python into Ruby.

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