Deconstructing Dogmas & Doctrines, by Espartaco Palma


We are living in a era where professional should be always analyzing if our way of think and work is getting the level of dogma. Is the pragmatism conducting ourselves into doctrines?
Is there a better way to solve our technical problems within the limits of the programming languages? How other tendencies should change our mind and at what level?
In this talk we will be deconstructing current dogmas and doctrines on Ruby language community, including but not limited to OOP, Functional Programming, Immutability, Pattern Matching & Multiprocessing.


We will be deep diving on how different communities has been changing paradigms and breaking dogmas and doctrines, starting with Procedural Programming to Object Oriented Programming, from command line interfaces to Mobile apps.

I will touch the difficult area of "Why should I do Functional Programming?", "Why should I care of states if I never would do Multiprocessing?" combined with the typical "I've been doing ruby the same way the last 10 years, it's ok".


I've been lucky enough to live in an era where we did experience the splendor of Procedural Programming and the Golden times of Object Oriented Programming, periods where test were optional and nowadays are required on any line of production code when using TDD and BDD. From manual testing & deploy to CI/CD.
As a multi-language (human and programming) I have been transitioning and experience most of them, and looks like the new waves of changes happens to repeat itself and we should be prepared.

Speaker Information

Senior Software Engineer working with datasets all day long, using whatever techniques we can apply aiming the real-time processing.
TDD advocated, been working with dynamic languages long time ago.

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